Thursday, November 4, 2010

幸福藻球, Marimo ♥

This is my little Marimo, 幸福藻球

I find that it is really cute when i first saw it while i traveling in Taiwan.

So I bought it at a shop of dan shui.

When i first bought it ^^

After 8 months taking care of it.

By changing water every 1 or 2 weeks, keep in refrigerator (because the weather in Malaysia is too hot, have to keep under 30 degree celsius )

I don't actually know whether it grow bigger or not >.< > 5mm per year.

So far, the biggest Marimo I've heard of is 30cm, which means it takes about 300 years.. BRAVO..

I did some research, there's a lover story of Marimo.

Copy and pasted..

Marimo 是生長於日本北海道的淡水藻,它是阿寒湖( Lake Akan, Japan )的天然紀念物…


可能是圓圓很可愛的外形上而引起的緣故,特別是最近,Marimo 即使是用來作爲心靈系的小小寵物,或是用來作爲讓精神安靜下來的裝飾,都非常的被受到注目.


正因爲著它的傳奇色彩,可以給人帶來幸運的關係, Marimo 一直成爲人們彼此良好祝願的選擇,以及喜慶、生日、戀愛男女互相贈送的最愛。

Once upon a time in a tribe near Lake Akan in Hokkaido, the daughter of the chief of an elite tribe fell in love with a warrior from a rival tribe. Their tribes forbade their love, but the love between the star-crossed lovers was so strong that they decided to give up their possession and flee from the land where their love was forbidden. Although their new life was harsh, they survived because of the deep love they had for one other. Legend has it that the lovers’ spirits metamorphosed into Marimo, a plant of love at the deepest reach of the Lake Akan where they lived happily ever after. This folklore passed from generation to generation. Marimo has become a symbol of determination in overcoming adversities in search of true love and happiness. Under tender care and attention, Marimo will grow and flourish as well as make their owners’ wishes come true.

相 传在北海道阿寒湖附近,一个部族族长的女儿爱上敌对部族的勇士,但两人却不为世俗所容,为了追求自己的爱情,两人决定排除万难脱离部族,放弃物质名利,过 着艰苦但幸福的生活,最后两人死后的灵魂升华成为湖底的绿藻球,世世代代在阿寒湖底继续他们的爱情故事。有了这样动人的美丽传说,人们更将绿藻球视为恋爱 幸运的守护物,因为绿藻球代表的是一种对爱不畏艰难、终会获得美丽结局的象征;而绿藻球也会在饲养的过程中,将主人的心意逐渐凝聚在天地间,更将不断传达 出正面讯息的信念,直到愿望成真的那天为止

  每一天,你都可以对着小小的绿藻球,在心里念个幸福魔咒:Mari Mari,Marimo...







● Elise ●

Saturday, July 24, 2010

He left..

24.7.2010 Saturday

Today Jong Song oppa going back to Korea d..

Didn't get to go to the airport with him =(

Didn't get to take picture with him.

I just realized that I've not taken any photo with him.

For more than 5 years..

Not even 1.. D:


So freaking regret right now!

Don't know when you will be coming back to Malaysia again.

Don't know when we'll have chance to drink together again..

I do remember the first time you saw me drinking.

u said : I've never imagine that I'll be drinking with Joey.. woooooof...

I remember what you had said.

Everytime I think of it.. I will be laughing..

Don't know why.

Btw, take care oppa.

I will be missing you..

Hope to see you soon..

Keep in touch!

● Elise ●

Sunday, July 11, 2010

PD Trip

10.7.2010 Saturday

Went to PD..Invite by yii..

Taking all the bags to our 'hotel'

After dinner we went to 'ice room'

This black sesame doesn't taste really good.. >.< Black sesame with strawberry..

It's me =)
ps// it's not zou kong.. that's bikini..

The sweet couple yii & ling

Written by Elise Ma
Your Love is my drug..
I mean it!

Next day morning..
Love this photo ^^


Sweet sweet..

Kelvin and his beloved..

When i helping kelvin to take this photo..
David asked me.

David : 你是 photographer 来达?
Me : 不是啦.. 如果我是 photographer 的话就不用这种 camera 了咯~ (暗爽 )

David and his beloved..

Before going back to kl.. We went to serembam to eat lou su fen..
The lou su fen there is different from kl's..
Their lou su fen is like lai fen.. Long long 1..

After that we go buy siu bao..

Ray ray.. Our birthday is on the same day ^^

Process of making siu bao..

yit lat lat 烧包出炉咯

Around 4pm.. Reached home..

I Beach

● Elise ●
I wanna go to beach with you.. ♥

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's day.

20.6.2010 Sunday

Today is father's day.

Of course we went to celebrate.

Nothing special..

Just a family dinner.

@ an Italian restaurant.

Forgotten the name of the restaurant.

This post gonna be a food post..

Don't punch me if u get hungry after seeing those photo.. xD

Platters.. With blue cheese.. * thumbs up*

Australia Roasted Duck Breath..
The yellow sos is more bitter to sour.
Not bad.

5 Layer Ice-Cream Cake.. *thumbs up*
Personally LOVE this cake..

Tiramisu with alcohol @ the bottom.. Yummy ^^

By Elise..